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Located in your throat just below your collar bone. Your thyroid, a butterfly shaped gland, is divided into two parts. The Parathyroid gland witch controls production and the Thyroid gland witch produces the hormones your body needs to regulate your basal Metabolism system witch converts calories into energy. It also is part of your Endocrine system witch regulates your body’s Adrenal system.

Many things can effect your thyroid gland. Stress, over exposure to toxins, industrial chemicals, pesticides, or radiation can all cause your thyroid to malfunction. How can you tell if your thyroid is malfunctioning? Simply if your always tried, feel run down, and are having trouble with your weight. Your thyroid could use a boost. Remember its what is suppose to be turning those calories, that are ending up on your hips and thighs, into the energy and vibrancy your looking for in life. 

To accomplish this your thyroid needs iodine and amino acids,and not just any kind. Remember life comes from the sea. Your thyroid gland craves the nutrients from sea vegetation. Nutrient rich sea vegetables called Nori and Bouine give your thyroid everything it needs to function properly. The best example I can think of is the Japanese diet. As a hole there are very few over weight people in Japan, even though their diet is high in carbohydrates, this is because along with all the rice they consume large amounts of sea vegetation.

Clinical testing has proven the effects of a healthy thyroid gland can, promote stable hormonal production, protects agents osteoporosis, aids in sexual health, maintains adrenal production, controls your metabolic rate. Not bad for introducing a little sea weed into your diet. 

Source by Robert Read

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